How To Get That Proper 80’s Look with Your 80’s Costumes

How To Get That Proper 80’s Look with Your 80’s Costumes

Buying apparel is easy but maintaining them so that they can be used over a long period of time is a different ball game altogether. Since 80’s costumes are worn primarily on Halloween and on other such theme oriented house and birthday parties and gatherings, it becomes even more important to maintain them properly so that they can be used as and when required. 80’s costume just like any other apparel needs proper maintenance for longevity.

Some ways you can maintain your 80’s costumes are:


80's Costumes


  • Always store them neatly in a neat place as opposed to an unclean one.
  • Keep your costume with other apparels.
  • Use naphthalene balls or any other antifungal reagents for proper maintenance of your 80’s costumes.
  • When you are washing these costumes, segregate them on the basis of the type of cleaning they require. Do not mix up the ones that require dry cleaning with the ones that don’t.
  • Always prefer gentle wash as opposed to a rough scrubbing because rough scrubbing causes the fibres to become loose and come out, thus making it even more susceptible to wear and tear.
  • In case there is a prominent stain, it is advisable to soak that particular area in detergent for sometime before it is to be washed.

How to get the 80’s look

The two most prominent feature of the 1980’s fashion scene was expensive clothes and voluminous hair. In order to match your 80’s costume, you can opt for creating a curly, voluminous hairdo and heavily style it according to your preference.

Since the 1980’s was an era of minimalistic approach towards fashion, so it is always advisable not to overdo the accessories part when you are wearing 80’s costume.

Heavy make-up being a trademark of the 1980’s, women should wear bright and colourful make-up to get that proper retro look.

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