Star Wars Heroes Cheats: How to Get into Galactic War?

Star Wars Heroes Cheats: How to Get into Galactic War?

You will find that the galactic war level is unlocked in the star wars game after you have reached a certain level as a player. You can fight many battles in this level until you reach the final one. The star wars heroes cheats, will help you to progress smoothly through this level. This game mode can ideally be described as the survival type. There is a risk of losing many characters here; also you can take home big bounties.

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Completing the level

Firstly you need to start a galactic war; you can also restart a war that you were playing the last time. After this you gain entry into your first fight which you will be able to get over easily. As you progress to the next levels, you need to concentrate on the game a bit.

Winning strategy

In order to win, whenever you find that nay of the members of your squad is dead or low on health on reaching the end of the game, you need to exit the game and close the application. The star wars heroes’ cheats will tell you that you require reopening the game thereafter to win it.

Star wars heroes cheats reopening strategy

You need to press the home button of your device; double tapping on it quite fast will help. The game needs to be swiped off fast in order to close it completely. After this you need to open the game and choose the galactic war.

You will fight that the fight you were in recently has been unmade when you closed the application. On entering the fight again, all the characters will have maximum health. This method is quite useful for replaying all those levels that you made a mess of. The star wars heroes cheats hence helps you progress real fast.

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