Tips for beginner’s to practice yoga

Tips for beginner’s to practice yoga

While yoga practice needs a certain amount of dedication, patience and perseverance, its benefits are best realised over a period of time. Practising simple yoga poses at home can help you stay healthy, calm and productive in many ways. Most yoga postures can be practiced at home with little professional guidance. If required you can also consider joining a yoga class to practice the art with fellow yoga lovers. You can visit for more information regarding professional yoga guidance.


Here we discuss a few tips that can enable you to practice yoga at home

  • Choose a convenient time: Practicing yoga in the morning is ideally considered to be most beneficial. However, if this is not possible, you can choose a preferable time if the day, which you can conveniently slot for yoga. This could either be late mornings, before having lunch or even evenings. Yoga at these periods of the day can work as refreshing and stress buster. Remember to keep a light or preferably empty stomach before beginning your practice. Keep a gap of 2-3 hours after your meal.


  • Choose a comfortable place: Yoga is known to create positive vibrations in the process of healing, strengthening and relaxing your mind, body and soul. It’s best to practice yoga in a quiet and well-ventilated space in your house. Using your favourite yoga mat on the floor for the same could be great to kick start your regular exercise regimen.


  • Wear simple clothes while performing yoga: Wearing loose and comfortable clothes can help you do the stretches easily, allowing your body’s natural flexibility to take its shape. Tight or body hugging outfits could reduce the breathability of your body, causing suffocation and difficulty in stretching.


  • Warm up before doing intense yoga poses: Performing the Surya Namaskar or other warm up postures before starting intense yoga will allow your body to become more flexible, making it easier to continue the exercises.


  • Include a variety of techniques: Remember that yoga practice should be continuous, not a one day fancy. It’s best to include a number of postures that allow a variety of breathing techniques. You can consider checking the ideal package at

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