Why is fake urine used widely over other things?

Why is fake urine used widely over other things?

The use of fake pee has become widely common. The urine was designed originally to test the diapers and other equipment that are used in labs for testing. It has become more common now amongst the pot users. It may sound a little weird but the true story is that the urine sample is now a big savior.

The use of marijuana is highly common and even legal in many U.S states. The laws, however, are pretty old. This leads to a situation when one can get into severe trouble by the use. This trouble can lead to a loss of a job. No one wants to be in such a situation and it may even lead to a tarnished image which leads to the use of fake pee instead of an original one during drug tests.

It is often argued that the users can make use of a friends sample for the test and why buy such a product. The only reason for the popularity is the 100% surety of the result. The urine sample is created under laboratory and is tested in the same conditions. They are made to replicate the original pee and thus the odor, color, and the texture are the same. The use of another persons sample has the same risks as using your own after detox. One cannot be 100% sure and the risk is too high.


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Fake pee solutions are also widely available and do not require any special efforts. They are best suited for places where the drug test will be unsupervised. Many employee drug tests do not require strict supervision and the person is just asked to pee in a cup. The synthetic urine should just be switched in the original cup. The results of the test already stated will generate desired results under the lab conditions.

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